Improve Your Smile

If you are like many people, chances are that your teeth are not exactly as white as you'd like them to be. Even if you use at home teeth whiteningwhitening products like toothpaste and whitening strips, normal every day habits like enjoying a cup of coffee (or three!) throughout the day, or a glass of red wine with dinner can slowly dull or even stain your teeth over time. If you smoke, not only will it show up on the outside of your teeth, but it can take a toll on your oral and general health as well (if you have been looking for an incentive to quit, a professional teeth whitening treatment can be just the thing to get you to kick the habit for good!) But you can do everything "right" and still experience the normal wear and tear on your teeth that comes along with the aging process. If your smile can use an upgrade, Dr. Daniel Pallay, a dentist in Fairfield, CT, recommends investing in a whitening treatment to improve your smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Fairfield, CT

Investing in a whiter smile is not just a matter of personal feelings or even vanity. Studies have shown that not only do whiter teeth make us look younger, but they can also make people appear more confident and competent. It may not be fair, but stained and discolored teeth don't just make us feel bad about our appearance, they can cause others to make judgements about everything from our educational level to how competent we might be in a new job.

Thankfully it has never been easier to erase past dietary and lifestyle habits from the surface of your teeth. You can have a whiter smile in as little as a single visit to the dentist for an in-office professional teeth whitening treatment. Or if you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, an at-home treatment delivers the same professional results over the span of a few weeks.

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